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Melt in Nicolway, reviewed by Sharmini Brookes, mid-June 2012
Melt away your cares in the new bakery and chocolatier-cum-café on the lower floor of the new Nicolway Shopping Centre. The delightful Melt is owned and conceived by a mother and son who are both on hand to oversee the running of the place. With its shelves stacked with truffles and slabs of chocolate in pretty boxes and packaging, a table laden with carrot cake, squidgy chocolate fudge cake, lemon-frosted sponge and iced cupcakes, a variety of silver teapots and other bits of frippery, it reminded me of the gingerbread house but without the wicked witch.

Taking the opportunity to rest my weary feet after walking around all morning, I took a seat at the only empty one of five wooden tables and anguished over what to order. It was elevenses and they offered a small selection of tasty sandwiches made with wholesome health bread – chicken and avo, Emmental cheese and ham and humus with roasted vegetables. In the end I plumped for the scone with English Breakfast tea. One can judge a venue by the basics and tea and scones are basic.

The scone was huge and was served alongside a silver-plated carousel containing jam, cream and cheese, a small dish of butter and tea in a silver-plated teapot. This could easily be shared between two as I got at least four cups of tea out of that so the R40 bill would be very reasonable. The scone was wonderfully light and crumbly and there were more than enough of the extras to have some left over. I honestly didn’t need to eat anything else till early evening.

One can sit facing outwards and peruse the people walking by - which is always interesting - or face inwards and watch them make the chocolate or bring in the freshly baked cakes from the bakery behind the counter. The waitresses are friendly and attentive without being intrusive and I can definitely recommend it as a place worth visiting and a welcome haven from the din of the busy restaurants upstairs.

- Sharmini Brookes
Dear Jenny

Although I am not a travel writer I quite often feel compelled to put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) and recognise excellent service whilst on my travels.

After having ventured into Nicolway in search of low GI, white meat only, no caffeine of any sorts and certainly no alcohol, I decided to search for my last and only vice (chocolate) and I happened to come across a few tables which were all full – thus telling me several things

• The locals eat and drink here
• They like it because they are not moving
• I should be there with them

The food and drink was an endless supply of what I can only describe as a loving touch to one’s profession, the waitress (Beatrice) had not only the most adorable accent I have ever heard, but also the most exquisite manners usually reserved for Royal households – she is truly beautiful inside and out. Another lady (may have been you) also kept tabs on the service and the customers comments in such a manner which was not intrusive and had only the customers wishes at heart. Value for money must be high on your agenda followed too closely to tell them apart by excellent culinary fayre and service.

I took some cards and handed them around the office to other chocoholics and entered an enquiry onto Trip Advisor as I feel my audience here is limited.

In short, if a life of vice surely means ones demise, then your establishment and produce is “to die for!” Please pass on my heartfelt congratulations to your staff and save a few for yourself.

I will be back for the next 9 days before I leave for home……….

Andrew Kirk
Regional HSE Partner (West), Global Mining

—While moseying through the Nicolway Centre I decided to pass the main strip of gorgeous restaurants and venture downstairs, needless to say I found this gorgeous chocolate delicatessen MELT.
My favourite treat!!
With my great weakness for the oh so evil chocolate I was sold on this little spot, but I can’t give all the credit to chocolate! The decor in Melt has a strong French feel with the black and white striped wall, mismatched books, jugs and bowls set on the old French provincial style dining tables and book shelves show casing the fantastic food! The glass domes covering the food along with the chandalier in the centre of the room creates the great contradicition of glamour.
My mom, sister and myself rate this spot a definite must for chocolate lovers but we do wish it was outside.
- http://richrayson.wordpress.com/2012/08/
Hi Jenny

Thank you so much for the wonderful cake. Martyn was delighted and so was I.
The way you iced it was better than I imagined and the actual cake was delicious.
Our friends and family so enjoyed it. I was rather sorry to cut the icing but it was
to be eaten… eaten it was with great relish.

The packets of chocolates were so attractive and also enjoyed.

I compliment you on your talent.

Kind regards
- Christine
Hi Jenny,

I hope you are well?

Just a quick note of thanks, my fiancé (Estie, Scatterlings events) and I visited Melt twice this week (Yesterday and Saturday) for waffle’s and cake, both were amazing, as well as the service from you staff. We were very impressed.

Please pass on our thanks, and I hope you have a great day further.

Kind Regards,

Tim Dutch
Front Office Manager
The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

Tel: +27 11 478 8000
Fax: +27 11 431 2256
Email: rooms@thefairway.co.za
- Tim Dutch

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